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Teeth Whitening
Here is a how to guide all about teeth whitening and the products I use to get a perfect smile.

No Pun Intended
No Pun Intended is back for 2015 with some hilarious updates, pop culture and some pressing issues.
Eyeliner Tutorial
I needed to update you with some new techniques specifically for hooded eyes, so here's an eyeliner tutorial
Neon Hair Removal
I wanted to show you guys how I change up my hair colour so much, how to bleach, dye and remove hair colour.
The Boyfriend Tag
Here is a hilarious update vlog featuring my good friend Elliot posing as my pretend boyfriend. Oh the single life.

Boys in Makeup
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Latest Blogs/Videos

  • quenbey

    Soul Train Awards – LIL KIM, MISSY, DA BRAT

    I’ve been so excited for this performance all week! Kim and Missy are definitely two musicians I’m obsessed with and this old school performance was amazing. I wonder where Angie Martinez was though? What did you think?

  • simple life

    no title

    Is the simple life really coming back?! With the success of Nicole’s brand new show Candidly Nicole, she recently announced in an interview that she’d never say no to the idea of bringing the iconic show back. Do you miss the SL as much as we do?

  • charice

    Charice Pempengco

    So Charice was recently being interviewed for Oprahs new series, and she revealed her new identity as transgendered. She looks gorgeous, go charice!